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We’ve moved!


A new site has launched for the project. Head over to for the latest.


February volunteer party and work sessions

There are three Saturdays coming up in February that will be volunteer work sessions at The Lamp. On Saturday, February 1 at 7 pm there will be a volunteer party at Cafe Supreme with pizza and pop provided. Contact Kimberly Rose by 1/29 if you will be attending:

Original Relight The Lamp Members Stepping Down

Relight the Lamp members at the Marquee Mixer

Relight the Lamp members at the Marquee Mixer

Two and a half years ago, a small but growing group of us banded together to show our support for the restoration of the Lamp Theatre.

After talking it over at mind-numbingly extensive length, we have decided to decline our position on the interim board of directors for the Lamp Theatre project. Due to the project’s time constraints and family and career obligations, we won’t be able to continue in our leadership roles.

Ultimately, we achieved the goal that we set for the organization over two years ago, which was to make sure the Lamp Theatre was revitalized. That process has begun, and we leave it in the very capable hands of the interim board.

Thank you for your support over the last few years. We respect your time and the trust you have placed in us.

We’ll be handing over the digital reins of the organization to a new crew. Things will probably look and sound different, but it’s all in support of the same worthy goal.

We still wholeheartedly support the success of the Lamp Theatre, and wish the interim board the very best of luck. We hope they know that we are deeply supportive of this project, and will continue to make ourselves available as committed volunteers.

If you or someone you know are interested in donating or volunteering, we’re sure they’d love to hear from you.

Thank you!

Kathleen Heuer
Karen Glass
Kelly Fennessy
and the rest of the original team

P.S. Kathleen started a new organization, the Norwin Area Arts Council, as a labor of love and another way to support the local arts community and the Lamp Theatre Project. If you’d like to support the NAAC, click here to subscribe to that email list. You can unsubscribe at any time.

A Look at the Lamp: August 2013

Wondering how things are going at the Lamp? Find out in this two-minute video tour! Then share itvolunteer and donate!

The Lamp: August 2013

The Lamp saw some serious action this month! The marquee came down (both of them: one underneath the other!), and new windows & doors were installed.

The new interim board of directors has met twice now. Members include:

  • John Cassandro, president of the interim board and of Irwin Council
  • Mary Benko, borough manager
  • Lucien Bove, engineer
  • Jim Halfhill, Irwin Public Works Supervisor
  • Kim Rose, volunteer coordinator
  • John Gdula, chairman, Irwin Main Street Project
  • Kathleen Heuer, Relight the Lamp

We need you to get involved, too!

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Next, click here to let us know how you can help. Click here to find out how to donate!

THANK YOU for supporting this project!