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About Relight the Lamp

Relight the Lamp is a group of concerned citizens and business owners who share the common goal of revitalizing the Lamp Theater in Irwin, Pennsylvania, as the crown jewel of our hometown business district. We were formed in May 2011 as a Facebook group (now updated to a Facebook page) in response to this article in the Norwin Star.

An interim board has been formed since Irwin purchased the Lamp in June 2013; Kathleen Heuer is currently our representative, aided by the very capable Karen Glass. Watch for more information as we step up volunteer efforts!

Relight the Lamp volunteers roll up our sleeves and pitch in whenever we can. On June 21st, 2011, we had a clean-up day at The Lamp.

Our work crew

We also built a float for the 2011 Light Up Night Parade in Irwin, PA.

We also have  fundraised. On September 24th, 2011, we had a basket auction in downtown Irwin and raised approximately $800.

Basket raffle fundraiser

Betty Kretchek and her daughter, Laura Johnson

We’re always looking at more fundraising opportunities. If you’re ready to get involved, get on our email list, then let us know about what you have to offer the project!

Seat sponsorship form


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  1. Was wondering what the ownership status on the Lamp Theater…I know the Westmoreland Trust was once involved with it…are they still?

  2. The Westmoreland Cultural Trust has sold the Lamp Theatre to Irwin borough. It’s possible WCT may operate it once it opens.

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  4. This may be a silly question, but are they restoring the “Lamp” so that it will be a movie theatre, once again?

  5. Are you looking for groups to perform, such as an orchestra with singers and dancers? How many seats does your theater hold?

  6. Is this a non-profit? I work for
    Boeing, Philadelphia and they will match donated funds if I register 501-c status? Please advise-my $20 donation would be $400…


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