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The Lamp: August 2013

The Lamp saw some serious action this month! The marquee came down (both of them: one underneath the other!), and new windows & doors were installed.

The new interim board of directors has met twice now. Members include:

  • John Cassandro, president of the interim board and of Irwin Council
  • Mary Benko, borough manager
  • Lucien Bove, engineer
  • Jim Halfhill, Irwin Public Works Supervisor
  • Kim Rose, volunteer coordinator
  • John Gdula, chairman, Irwin Main Street Project
  • Kathleen Heuer, Relight the Lamp

We need you to get involved, too!

Step one: Get on our mailing list here.

Next, click here to let us know how you can help. Click here to find out how to donate!

THANK YOU for supporting this project!


About Kathleen Heuer

Kathleen is an arts advocate and digital marketer. Originally from Chicagoland, she lives in western Pennsylvania, where she founded local Norwin area organizations Relight the Lamp and the Norwin Area Arts Council. She also volunteers extensively with the Norwin Band Aides, and at her children's schools. Her background is in advertising and marketing, especially for music and arts education and other nonprofits. She also offers social media consulting for other nonprofits and small businesses. Follow her on Twitter at @KathleenHeuer.

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